Predictive Labor Optimization

Originally built for a large Hospitality & Gaming firm in Las Vegas, this application is ideal for Restaurants & Bars, Retail Shops, Hotel Managers but could be used in any industry where volume drives labor planning and scheduling. We use the cutting-edge predictive capabilities of Anaplan to forecast future volumes, such as covers in the case of Food and Beverage outlets.

This application can be used to test the accuracy of various forecast methods available in Anaplan to find the best fit for predicting future volumes. Once the best fit is identified, the model will suggest optimal staffing by position (job code) then monetize the total cost of labor to show how much labor cost can be saved by using the application.

Measure Volume Forecast vs. Actual

Set Labor Productivity and Cost Rates


Measure Forecast Accuracy


Event & Promotion Planning


Predict Volume Forecasting based on history

  • Actual, historical daily volume is used to predict historical and future volumes using the Multiplicative Decomposition Statistical Algorithm

Add Events to specific days or periods to provide real world uplift scenarios

  • Event and Promotion Planning allows the operator to add anticipated spikes in demand based on events inside or outside of the venue based on historical capture ratios.

Predict required staffing levels by job title and see the estimated labor cost

  • Setup toy labor rates and adjust productivity factors to calculate the ROI of the application.

App Stats

Modules Roles Formulas Reports Complexity
40 3 250 7 Advanced