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Business Intelligence Solutions, Strategies & Software

Experience matters. Aviana consultants have extensive cross-industry knowledge and decades of work under their belts, meaning we know how to fully implement BI solutions and tailor them to your enterprise so you get the results you need.

Operating a business without the use of BI assessments and virtual road maps is a risky undertaking. Successful enterprises can no longer afford to use gut instinct when making strategic decisions about their business. To give you a bigger and better picture of your company’s health, we provide BI solutions, strategies and software from IBM and fit it to your specific needs.

Our expert BI platforms include:

  • Extraction, transformation and loading of data across systems (ETL)
  • BI assessments and road maps
  • Analysis and design of data warehouses and data marts
  • Data distribution and reporting
  • Enterprise planning and strategies
  • OLAP analysis
  • Dashboard implementation
  • Statutory regulations

With data warehousing services along with data distribution and reporting, you and your business can easily make sense of the issues facing your enterprise so you can pinpoint what the best moves for your company will be.

Our expertly-implemented services and support give you the information you need to make wise decisions, whether it’s to expand into a new market or to stay competitive in your current one.

We offer a holistic, well-rounded approach to BI, becoming a true advisor to you and your business.