The ADB-AvianaDataBridge™


Unleashing & Extending the Power of TM1

Like many organizations, you have invested in the IBM Cognos TM1™ platform for empowering your business analysts with self-service modeling, optimization of projections and application of business rules needed for specific analytic needs, providing them access to enterprise data.  TM1 is a very powerful engine; there is a high chance that both modelers and users have developed some highly valuable data assets.

Governance, control, accuracy and consistency are becoming more critical and transparent across the enterprise; so does the need to ensure that all assets from all departments are consolidated and made available to a larger community of users, no matter what skill level.

The ADB-AvianaDataBridge™ Solution makes this all possible and it is fast. It saves time, improves system performance and can be implemented in a flash.
aviana data bridge

Solution Highlights

The AvianaDataBridge is a stand-alone application that leverages Aviana’s expertise with IBM Cognos TM1™ cubes to extract the selected data in the enterprise or personal database of your choice, optimized for relational reporting. The export of such data and metadata can be automated, successive, and on-demand. This content can then be used as a data source for IBM Cognos BI™ or the reporting platform of your choice.

Bridging the Gap Technical Overview

The AvianaDataBridge is optimized for performance and designed to publish massive amounts of data quickly and effectively:

  • Publishing of dimensional attributes and consolidations.
  • Selection of cubes, dimensions and attributes, respecting data types and format.
  • Intuitive interface and reusable export processes
  • Very little effort required
  • Compatible with IBM Cognos TM1™ versions 9.5 and greater*

Use Cases:

  • Extend the accessibility of IBM Cognos TM1™ data to any individual in your organization.
  • Integrate the IBM Cognos TM1™ data back into your relational enterprise data warehouse.
  • Enable relational, SQL reporting in addition to IBM Cognos TM1™ MDX reporting.
  • Export and integrate relational data into external applications.

How do I get this?

  • Aviana will assist with the installation, configuration and testing of the ADB-AvianaDataBridge™
  • We will assist with the initial publishing of a selected TM1 application.
  • We will provide knowledge transfer.
  • We will provide on-going support as needed.

For more information or to schedule a live demo please contact us at

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