Upgrade and migrate applications from platform to platform quickly and easily with Aviana. Our team of certified technicians know how to avoid common pitfalls associated with the migration process, so your migration won’t disrupt your productivity.

We leverage proven migration technology and our own expertise to help enable a more secure, cost-effective migration of data.

Let Aviana handle your migration end-to-end and move stored data without disrupting application availability or operations.

Aviana Elevate – Migration and Upgrade Services Package

What’s Included?

  • Assess: A complete assessment of your environment
  • Plan: Thorough Project Planning
  • Implement: Implementation of the software
  • Test: Extensive Testing
  • Educate: Education included – 1 day of “What’s new” remote training for your staff**

data migration

The Aviana Elevate Services Package is flexible as well. We have the ability to migrate single server environments or multi-server environments***

** Remote Training is for up 10 participants. *** Clients must be current with support maintenance for initiation of these Service Packages.

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