rmi helps hotels drive higher profits

Las Vegas, NV and Brea, CA Duetto Consulting LLC and Aviana Global announce the release of RMi (Revenue Management Intelligence), a revenue management solution designed for hotels that need a fast, simple, reliable and customizable system.  RMi empowers hoteliers to drive profit growth by forecasting demand, maximizing room rates and optimizing customer mix.  RMi analyzes the profit of each customer from a mix of revenue sources such as food, hotel, gift shop when optimizing demand, so the solution is perfect for integrated resorts.  Built by Aviana Global leveraging the IBM TM1 and Cognos Express platforms, it incorporates the Duetto™ Revenue Management Toolkit.

RMi combines Aviana Global’s best-in-class performance management experience in hospitality and gaming with Duetto Consulting’s modern approach to revenue management. Duetto Consulting deviates from an old-school revenue management theory that is focused on top-line revenue (i.e. maximize revenue per available room) and instead concentrates on bottom-line profit optimization (i.e. maximize gross operating profit per available room).  RMi combines business logic into an IBM TM1 platform, which accommodates write back and massive data volume analysis via its 64-bit in-memory analytic engine.  RMi provides built-in connectors to common data sources such as LMS, Opera, Infinium, Delphi, and Bally’s ACSC.
Aviana Global Director of Hospitality and Gaming, John Martin explains, “Duetto Consulting’s approach to revenue management made them the perfect partner.  RMi is easily deployed and our clients can be fully functioning with the software and realizing significant profit increases within eight weeks.”
Marco Benvenuti, co-founder of Duetto Consulting, added, “revenue management must drive strategic marketing decisions but hoteliers need a system due to the complexity.  Integrated resort management teams must make quick decisions based on the total profit of each patron. We designed RMi to be customized to the way hotels operate.”
Duetto assists operators who are not satisfied with their performance and have decided to explore new marketing strategies to profitably grow revenue at their hotel, casino, restaurant or other venues.  Using a proprietary framework that refocuses managers on core marketing principals and solid processes, the Duetto team builds companies’ strategic marketing disciplines.  With deep experience in revenue management, distribution, database marketing and information technology, Duetto team members are also educators who share a vision for the industry and work with customers to think and act in new ways. 
Aviana’s mission is to partner with our clients to become more agile and responsive through the optimal use of performance management for strategic decision-making. For the last 20 years, Aviana Global has been at the forefront of leading-edge performance management solutions with an impressive array of clients including many Fortune 1000 companies in various industries including hospitality and gaming, manufacturing, financial services, retail and healthcare.  Check us out at www.avianaglobal.com.
About Aviana Global Technologies

Aviana Global Technologies is a Business Intelligence and Analytics company that has had a successful track record since its inception in 1994. Aviana has built up a large base of satisfied clients that includes many Fortune 1000 companies and some of the largest US government agencies.