Our Retail Approach

With years of experience in the retail industry, we know our way around the needs and demands of your world – be it wholesale, brick-and-mortar, outlet, or ecommerce. Merchandise planning, personnel management and foot traffic are important facets of your business. However, since you launched your ecommerce platform, your business has gone global and managing your enterprise requires dynamic solutions.

That’s where we come in. More markets translate into more actionable data.

Aviana can help you formulate a new strategy to tackle these markets.

  • Promote and bundle products more effectively
  • Differentiate the in-store/ecommerce customer experience from your competitors
  • Refine shelf management and assortment planning
  • Forecast product performace with operational analysis
  • Acquire new customers and grow wallet share with customer analytics

As demographic analysis is used more frequently to tailor stores to specific markets, Aviana’s use of web-based business analytics tools takes it a step further, enabling retailers to optimize inventory management processes on a global scale.

The harmonization of data in an environment of frequent mergers and acquisitions, such as the retail industry, is essential. Fortunately, Aviana specializes in harmonizing data between various enterprises, allowing your business to make the necessary moves to stay competitive.

“Because our inventory data is managed by systems across multiple sales channels – retail stores, wholesale and direct sales – and multiple global regions, it was difficult to provide timely visibility into the current global position, let alone forecast future positions. With this new analytical model, we believe we will be able to make better decisions for managing our inventory levels right down to the style and color of the products.”

– Sandy Buechley, Business Intelligence Manager, Patagonia

What You Can Look Forward To

We understand the wholesale world is very different, especially from a business analytics point of view, from the world of retail. Our custom-tailored solutions apply to each at scale.

  • Streamline handling of unique pricing and bundling opportunities
  • Empower global decision makers with critical information to more efficiently manage diver demand portfolios

Aviana is equipped with best-in-class business analytics and predictive performance management solutions that help retailers craft positive customer experiences that drive repeat sales.

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