RADR – Rapid Anomaly Detection Software


Anomaly detection with RADR means more secure and transparent operations

Aviana’s proprietary rapid anomaly detection software, which we named RADR, is designed specifically to help companies discover a broad range of abnormal patterns or situations, then quickly and intuitively identify which transactions are causing the anomaly. What does that mean in practical terms? With RADR, your business actively finds potential problems and situations that need more attention paid to them in a direct, simple and effective way.

An anomaly detection solution packed with user benefits

Quick implementation

Sound statistical principles, knowledgeable development and efficient execution make RADR a powerful platform for anomaly detection. It all starts with the ability to quickly implement RADR and put it to work for your business.

Fast action

There’s no need for programming or other labor-intensive requirements that delay full utilization. Easy importing of existing datasets, supported by an in-program data viewer, means RADR will be ready to analyze your data in no time.

Drilling deep into data

How can RADR tell what’s an outlier and what isn’t? You simply supply the data, define the type of entities you want to monitor (e.g. providers, recipients, vendors, customers, users, etc.)  and the metrics that are most appropriate to score each group of transactions based on your specific business needs. User-configurable metrics support the ease of creation of composite scores that make the overall anomaly analysis and detection less complicated, and the results intuitive.

Clear and concise visuals

Going beyond simple warnings, RADR offers a variety of graphical presentations to clearly contextualize anomalies. This presentation of any anomalies – alongside the enhanced visibility provided by visualization widgets such as stoplight indicator, which rates outliers on a three-step scale from normal to extreme – makes it easier to share information with a company’s key stakeholders and ensure the issues understood at all levels.

Making the most of RADR results

Put all of these elements together, and what emerges is a powerful solution for helping businesses uncover issues ranging from payment discrepancies to supply chain problems and internal wrongdoing. Aviana is proud to offer a platform that not only finds potential issues, but gives businesses the ability to drill down into data and share information about them as necessary. The end result is an organization that has stronger internal and external visibility, which can mean improvements in everything from security to revenue.

Does your business need a stronger grasp of outliers in all their many forms? Aviana is ready to help you detect potential problems with RADR.

Anomaly detection with RADR means: