Whether you’re running a hospital or a private practice, you need a technology partner who understands the business of healthcare. For more than a decade, Aviana has been creating custom solutions for healthcare providers and payers. With one of the largest nursing quality-of-care collection and monitoring systems in California, it’s no wonder over 200 hospitals in California trust the Aviana system to track and remedy quality-of-care metrics in their facilities.

Aviana Healthcare Solutions is focused on assisting healthcare organizations strengthen their financial positions during this time of change and uncertainty.  We offer a leading edge ICD9210™ Smart Converter/Revenue Impact Dashboard  that will help healthcare organizations in predicting both the quality and financial risk impact to the DRG and service line when moving to ICD10.  Aviana’s product starts with GEM’s and has accomplished over 92.5% conversion rate of the current ICD9 codes using word interrogation technology, saving you time and money.

With one of the largest nursing quality-of-care collection and monitoring systems in California, it’s no wonder over 200 hospitals in California trust the Aviana system to track and remedy quality-of-care metrics in their facilities.

Our People

With combined expertise in nursing, health information management, financial operations and contracting, our subject matter experts are certified medical practitioners and specialists in medical data reporting and warehousing. Our team includes PhDs, MDs, and certified project-management professionals assembled from a variety of industry backgrounds, including:

  • Academic medical centers
  • Physician’s practices
  • Insurance companies
  • Medicare carriers
  • Central billing offices

Our uncommon expertise allows us to identify key business opportunities; it also allows us to avoid potential business risks to address practical solutions for ICD-10, 5010, electronic health records (EHR), HIPAA compliance and healthcare reform. Clients include: CALNOC, Cedars-Sinai Health System, AltaMed Health Care, Arcadian Health Care and OnCure

Smart ICD-10 Conversion

Our cost-effective and easily deployed solution can convert a year’s worth of ICD-9 codes in minutes.

Aviana’s ICD9210™ conversion engine was created to provide a mapping decision support solution where General Equivalence Mapping (GEM) falls short.

Our solution converts legacy ICD-9 codes into their corresponding ICD-10 codes by using our patent-pending code conversion algorithms. Our conversion engine takes clinical documentation from existing systems and automatically selects the appropriate ICD-10 code from a range of available options. The included Smart Assistant module interactively handles data that cannot be automatically processed.

ICD-10 Benefits

  • Reduces conversion related costs by a factor of 4 or more
  • Quickly converts multiple years of data with minimal human intervention
  • Provides a faster, predictable turnaround time for code conversion
  • Reduces the burden on scarce coding resources
  • Ensures consistent code conversion based on defined business rules
  • Eliminates the learning curve associated with newly trained ICD-10 coders

When combined with Aviana’s powerful analytical platform (based on the Agile Data Core™ engine), our ICD-10 conversion engine provides sophisticated financial modeling capabilities, with quality reporting and robust analytical tools to support a more holistic approach.

Aviana’s Hospital Cost of Care Analyzer

Aviana’s Hospital Cost of Care Analyzer provides detailed insight and analysis on the true cost of patient care that can be used to efficiently manage materials and other resources within a provider organization.

Aviana’s ACO Insight

Aviana’s ACO Insight enables Accountable Care Organizations to efficiently manage risk and reward with participants. It consolidates operating costs and revenue information across member organizations and computes the distribution of profits. Service-level thresholds within the application ensure participant’s adherence to agreed service level agreements (SLA).

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