financial services

Aviana’s business intelligence (BI) and analytical solutions help financial services firms become more agile in managing risk in uncertain markets, with:

  •     Real-time loan portfolio reporting
  •     Credit worthiness analysis capabilities
  •     Risk exposure reporting by individual risk factor
  •     Ability to analyze hedging strategies
  •     Ability to help identify money laundering and other forms of fraud
  •     Ability to monitor transactions and send “alert” notifications on risk events such as fraud and money laundering as they happen
  •     Ability to “mine” data to help identify previously unknown risk factors

We design and implement a wide variety of solutions, including:

  •     Customer account servicing systems (loans, leases, credit lines)
  •     Product profitability analysis reports
  •     Utilization improvement of credit lines
  •     Broker accounting systems
  •     Design and implementation of BI systems
  •     Comprehensive planning and forecasting

Clients include Bank of America, Wells Fargo Bank, Countrywide Financial Services, Harbourton Mortgage Investment Corp, Impact Financial Services and American Honda Financial Corporation.

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