ibm licensing

Aviana Global, Inc. is a global leader in helping companies with their IBM Business Analytics software licensing, trade-ups, and yearly license maintenance renewals (subscription and support). Whether you need help with Cognos, Cognos Express, TM1, SPSS, Controller, Clarity FSR, or Netezza, Aviana Global can help you understand the ever-changing licensing requirements in addition to helping negotiate a discount on top of your price from IBM Direct.

Companies consistently choose Aviana because:

  • Cost savings: Aviana Global helps negotiate the lowest price as well as understand bundling or special pricing options.
  • Trusted Advisor: A partner in understanding the powerful, but complex IBM licensing model, Aviana Global will help to navigate IBM on your behalf and help understand complexities related to PVU’s, multi-server environments, and combined product sets.
  • We can help to consolidate your current licenses, fight to get you the best possible price on new licenses and maintenance renewals, coordinate reinstatements and changes in configuration, and provide our team’s expert advice on how to leverage your investment by utilizing what you have and renewing only what you need.
  • Best customer service: Receive the customer service of a boutique organization, with more time to dedicate to your company’s investment. Aviana Global provides a consistent resource you can work with and the benefits of working with someone on a first-name basis. We are always a phone call or e-mail away to answer your questions, even after the transaction is complete.

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