Our Hospitality & Gaming Approach

With such a diverse range of revenue sources, such as hotels and casinos, the Hospitality and Gaming industry’s challenges are numerous and daily. Whether it is food, beverage, retail or gaming, it is difficult to see how these collectively contribute to your operation. So how, then, do you create a competitive advantage?

The casino business is volatile. You can’t control everything, but we can help you anticipate and explain the peaks and valleys. Aviana’s focus is on the numbers. We use business analytics and predictive performance management to create theoretical results, draft daily operational reports and profit/loss forecasts that help you make sense of the data and maximize revenue.

Hotels present their own unique challenges. It’s an efficiency game. We understand that. Through data, we can help you gain a snapshot of the costs per occupied room and offer insights on how to improve your customer experience.

Our work with leading hospitality companies has taught us that any business optimization effort must start with visibility through data. Aviana can help you transform that data into an insights which you can use to develop specific corrective action:

  • Room rate optimization
  • Profit-loss forecasts
  • Food and beverage resource planning
  • Average daily worth reports and forecasts
  • Optimizing upgrades and comp strategies with predictive analytics
  • Players club & slot analytics

“Aviana has extensive experience in the hospitality and gaming sectors – and that’s rare among IT vendors. They understand the operational complexities of our business, the needs of our finance team and the technology needed to bring the two together. Cross-property calculations are now easy, we can see if a steakhouse in one hotel is performing better or worse than similar restaurants at our other resorts. This helps us focus on areas where we’re underperforming and address opportunities quickly.”

– Kelly Lister, Vice President of Finance, MGM Resorts

How You Will Get There
Aviana is equipped with best-in-class business analytics and predictive performance management solutions that create a roadmap for you to consolidate and manage your data, as well as streamline the processes used by the teams that already oversee that data in-house.

  • Real-time daily performance analysis
  • Customer volume and corresponding labor cost forecasts
  • Integration of core system transactional data channels
  • Mobile threshold alerts

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