HGi DOR Solutions

Managers in the hospitality and gaming industry use daily operating reports (DOR) or daily management reports (DMR) to make business-critical decisions. However, current solutions have real limitations that could be preventing businesses from identifying gaps in efficiency and stunting their ability to adjust operations accordingly. These processes are labor intensive and error-prone. However, businesses don’t need to accept these limitations. What if a DOR delivered the right information to the right people at the right time?

That’s where Aviana – equipped with IBM’s HGi DOR solution – comes into play.

  • Crunch massive data volumes across multiple platforms and systems automatically
  • Drill down, manipulate, visualize and leverage key data points
  • Enable individual or group security profiles for secure access to information based on organizational structure

How You Set Yourself Apart
Built leveraging IBM’s best-in-class performance management components, TM1, SPSS, and PureData, the HGi DOR delivers a solution that is robust, flexible, and scalable. Coupled with Aviana’s team of seasoned IT consultants and predictive analytics experts, here is what you can look forward to with IBM’s HGi DOR solution:

  • Deployment within 3 to 4 months
  • Month-end true ups with customizable drivers
  • Mobile access to your DOR
  • Reach data streams from every corner of your business

“Aviana has extensive experience in the hospitality and gaming sectors – and that’s rare among IT vendors. They understand the operational complexities of our business, the needs of our finance team and the technology needed to bring the two together. Cross-property calculations are now easy, we can see if a steakhouse in one hotel is performing better or worse than similar restaurants at our other resorts. This helps us focus on areas where we’re underperforming and address opportunities quickly.”

– Kelly Lister, Vice President of Finance, MGM Resorts

You Can’t Predict Everything
That is why we use business analytics and predictive performance management solutions to help you harness your data, build fine-tuned budgeting and forecasting processes and maximize your revenue.

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