Our Healthcare Approach

Hospitals, which are comprised of numerous stakeholders – such as doctors, nurses, patients, administrators and investors – present significant operational challenges that are monitored and maintained through strict regulations. Somewhere, within all of those moving parts, is the patient experience. How do you marry positive patient experiences with positive patient outcomes?

Tools that defy departmental boundaries and lend visibility across the organization. Aviana can help you use those tools to conduct:

  • Evidence-based medicine
  • Adverse outcomes – pattern detection & mitigation
  • Facility and site analysis
  • Claims tracking and fraud mitigation
  • Patient outcomes forecasting

For more than a decade, Aviana has been creating custom solutions for health care providers and payers. With one of the largest nursing quality-of-care collection and monitoring systems in California, it’s no wonder over 200 hospitals in California trust the Aviana system to track and remedy quality-of-care metrics in their facilities.

Our uncommon expertise allows us to identify key business opportunities, while allowing you to address practical solutions for ICD-10, 5010, electronic health records (EHR), HIPAA compliance and health care reform.

“Every day, our teams have to make decisions that can be the difference between life and death for patients. Knowing that these decisions are based on some of the top analytics technology gives us a great deal of confidence.”

-Steve Wilson, Senior Statistician, Advanced Analytics Group, DaVita Healthcare Partners, Inc.

What You Can Look Forward To

Aviana is equipped with best-in-class business analytics and predictive performance management solutions that help health care providers:

  • Consolidate operating costs and revenue information across member organizations
  • Mitigate risk while improving compliance and financial projections
  • Improve patient experience and health outcomes
  • Conduct analysis on the true cost of patient care

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