Our Financial Services Approach

Your success in the financial services industry hinges upon your ability to assess and manage risk. How do you assess risk? Through data. Managing your pipeline of data effectively so that emerging trends are identified early on is critical in a competitive, regulated industry.

Aviana can help you transform that data into an actionable strategy:

  • Real-time loan portfolio reporting
  • Credit-worthiness analysis
  • Risk Exposure reporting by individual risk factor
  • Hedging strategy analysis
  • Fraud identification, migration and alerts

Utilizing its deep familiarity with business analytics tools, such as IBM’s TM1 technology, Aviana leverages technology to identify operational inefficiencies and empower analysts with up-to-date reports that organize data in meaningful ways. These solutions, no matter how comprehensive, remain responsive enough to accommodate he quickly changing needs and priorities of your firm.

“Thanks to IBM Cognos Express’ innovative technology and Aviana’s top-notch consulting services, we have advanced our company profoundly. Now that our automatic reporting system is in place, we’re able to see a snapshot of the whole company at any given moment. It’s the difference between using a payphone and a smart phone; they both get the job done, but the smart phone has improved us in ways we never had thought about before.”

-Jean Meronk, Vice President of Financial Planning & Analysis, Stearns Lending

What You Can Look Forward To

Aviana is equipped with best-in-class business analytics and predictive performance management solutions that help financial firms:

  • Streamline customer account servicing systems (loans, leases, credit lines)
  • Conduct product profitability analysis
  • Upgrade reporting systems
  • Design and implement flexible BI systems
  • Accurate daily performance reports

Interested in seeing how we have helped other financial firms like you? Read more about how we leverage predictive analytics solutions to generate actionable reports that empower your decision makes to get ahead of emerging trends.