Student retention is a critical factor for all colleges and universities. Gaining insight into the key factors that adversely affect student success helps schools intervene with students before they drop out. Underrepresented students – first-generation students, minorities, those facing economic hardships – are disproportionately impacted and are the least likely to proactively seek out help.

Aviana Global leverages the power of IBM’s predictive analytics solutions so colleges can rapidly identify, analyze and predict which students are most at risk. Colleges can then work with those students to find ways to keep them enrolled as well as close the achievement gap between underrepresented and non-underrepresented students.

education-ibmIn addition to improving student success, the same predictive analytics solution can be applied to a wide variety of areas across the college and university:

  • Optimize marketing and outreach spend to attract good students
  • Improve financial aid management
  • Increase alumni and donorfundraising
  • Maximize school revenue fromsporting events, special eventsand student merchandise

This same software platform can even be used to analyze past security incidents so that security staff can be better allocated to high risk areas and improved lighting or monitoring can be installed to greatly increase campus safety.