Our Consumer & Packaged Goods Approach

You benefit from large margins and enjoy strong balance sheets but the $2 trillion dollar juggernaut known as the Consumer Packagd Goods Industry has slowed down in recent years. In a saturated, highly competitive market, how do you gain market share?

With marketing. But not the way we have traditionally thought about marketing.

Aviana can jumpstart growth with its use of predictive solutions.

  • Analysis of customer lifecycle data
  • Utilize customer segmentation to optimize current markets
  • Forecast customer behavior and future spend
  • Identify emerging trends and markets

For CPG companies, the room for growth hinges upon a customer’s ongoing relationship with the brand and the product. Using predictive analytics skills can unlock new insights into customer behavior – insights that directly translate into new opportunities.

“The predictive analytics skills

we’ve learned with Aviana offer almost unlimited potential to transform the way our business goes to market.”

Lynelle Lindemeyer, Director of Business Analytics, Swanson Health Products

What You Can Look Forward To

Aviana is equipped with best-in-class business analytics and predictive performance management solutions that help consumer packaged goods companies:

  • Create dynamic supply chain management and demand planning
  • Capture customer behavior insights
  • Utilize historical customer/demographic data to intelligently fine-tune marketing campaigns
  • Refine sales channels through predictive modeling

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