Everything around us is getting faster, smarter and more automated. All of these forces are creating data. It’s no surprise that executives want to make business decisions faster and they want them to be informed by data. That should be easy but it’s not because we’re drowning in data. Aviana changes this. We give data a voice. That’s why we exist: to eliminate the guesswork. So analysts can analyze and executives can make decisions by looking at probabilities and outcomes.

We start by listening closely to our clients. Then we build a roadmap – always with the end in mind. We look at the right data – the data that matters – and create decision trees that yield probabilities in real time. We help clients choose the right solution and we work closely with our customers to mentor them so they are in the driver’s seat making decisions that impact organizational goals such as increasing profitability and reducing costs. Our solutions focus on industry and departmental solutions with the goal of getting to real results quickly. Each solution has been customized with industry best practices, departmental metrics and best of breed technology to arrive at a powerful solution that will achieve measurable success. For Aviana it’s about bringing to life the promise of predictive performance management. Because that’s what we do at Aviana: we give data a voice so businesses can make better decisions about today and tomorrow.

As a Premier IBM Business Partner, Aviana is a Predictive Performance Management company that has had a successful track record since its inception in 1994. Our mission is to partner with our clients empowering them to become more profitable and strategic through the optimal use of performance management for executive and operational decision-making power. For the last 20 years, Aviana has been at the forefront of leading-edge performance management solutions with an impressive array of clients including many Fortune 1000 companies in various industries including hospitality and gaming, manufacturing, financial services, retail and healthcare.

Strategic Partnerships

Aviana is honored to partner with some of the planets most innovative and well known technology providers. We believe these partnerships enable Aviana to offer our clients the type of world class solutions they have come to expect from us. Side by side with Aviana, these partners enhance our own talented and dedicated people and share the same endless commitment we have to our customers.

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