Casinos have an ace in the hole with predictive analytics.

The gaming industry can win big with predictive analytics

The gaming industry as whole understands the value and importance of innovation. While hallmarks like an immersive customer experience and gaming variety are long-standing staples of casinos and similar establishments, the processes and workflows used to achieve them have changed significantly. For businesses that want to stay competitive and develop an edge in the never-ending battle for the spending and loyalty of their guests, predictive analytics, like the IBM Cognos suite of products, is crucial.

"Greater insight into the behavior of customers is especially powerful."

Identifying more opportunities
Of the many improvements offered by predictive analytics, greater insight into the behavior of potential, current and past customers is one of the most powerful. With all visitor relationships viewed through the clarifying lens of analytics, casinos can develop a more thorough understanding of their patrons in large and small groups as well as individually. Segmentation ultimately means more relevance and efficiency in marketing efforts, allowing gaming establishments to pair the right messaging to the most relevant groups and individuals.

Writing for LinkedIn Pulse, analytics and big data specialist Toby Finneran said using business intelligence software allows casinos to  effective methods of cross- and up-selling guests in terms of higher-value games with larger stakes. When a facility can lean on data collected about visitors to craft not only a more enjoyable experience but one that can also yield a higher profit, it's in a very strong position.

The ability to target up-sells in other areas of operation are also important. Every guest is different. While some may not be particularly interested in new or different games, they could be offered a larger room, a dinner at a more upscale restaurant on premises and many other similar considerations. There are plenty of potential combinations, the key is the ability to offer them to the right guest at the right time. Predictive analytics allows casinos to create a more detailed and accurate picture of their guests and generate relevant, attractive offers based on that data.

Aviana's work with the gaming industry means we understand the unique considerations that all casinos have to make. We know how to develop efficient partnerships and craft implementations of predictive analytics solutions that give gaming facilities the capabilities they want and need. Find out about our work with one Las Vegas resort and explore our dedicated industry landing page to learn more.

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