Offering the right upgrades to the right guests can pay off for the hospitality industry.

Emphasizing the guest experience through better analysis and action

For hospitality businesses, creating the best guest experience possible is a constant, high-priority objective. With so many resources already invested in researching and crafting the kind of environment that keeps visitors coming back time after time, how can businesses in the hospitality industry improve? Using business intelligence software, like the IBM Cognos suite of solutions, can provide businesses with actionable insights based on effective, in-depth analysis of a variety of existing business information.

Offering more attractive environments and amenities through effective analysis

“Creating the best experience possible for guests is a constant, high-priority objective.”

One key element of creating a better guest experience is connecting visitors with the potential upgrades and other offerings that appeal the most to their desires and sensibilities. Not only does it create more opportunities for your business to profit, it crafts a more positive experience. With a sense that the company cares about their interests and not just making more money, guests develop a more positive relationship with your organization.

As travel news site Tnooz pointed out, Hyatt Hotels saw substantial gains through a system that leveraged predictive analytics to increase the relevancy of post-reservation upsell opportunities. The company’s average incremental revenue per room, post-reservation, rose 60 percent year over year. The key to the program’s success was the use of predictive analytics to sift through data and find relevant offerings for guests – an efficient and effective approach.

Aviana has the industry-specific knowledge and experience to help businesses in the hospitality world develop the most effective and useful applications of predictive analytics. To learn more about our work in this market, visit our dedicated industry landing page, as well as case studies about the success realized in our partnerships with industry giants like MGM Global.

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