• Cisco

    Cisco’s HR team is using advanced analytics to assess employee satisfaction and develop retention models that identify the key causes of attrition for highly skilled engineers and other employees with the help of analytics technologies to transform the relationship between its HR analysts and its executive leaders.

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  • MGM Resorts International

    MGM Resorts International teamed up with the Aviana to create a more effective and consumable system for utilizing all the data with Aviana's hospitality and gaming software.

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  • Patagonia

    Patagonia recognized the need to improve visibility of actual and planned global inventory levels across its wholesale, direct and retail sales channels. By working with Aviana to streamline its budgeting process by migrating to IBM Cognos TM1®, developed a new analytics application to monitor & forecast global inventory.

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  • Boeing

    Boeing and Aviana combined their specialties in designing a computer program specifically for predicting out-of-tolerance tools for the jetliner company. Using the predictive software program and its findings has led the Metrology team to help mechanics calibrate their tools more often than before.

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  • Kawasaki

    Kawasaki and Aviana were able to simplify and accelerate reporting for more than 200 users, saving valuable time and eliminating manual data entry by utilizing the redesign of the IBM Cognos Business software.

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Give Data a Voice

Our Story

We've made data a part of the conversation so that businesses cut costs and boost revenue. It's about bringing to life the promise of predictive performance management because that's what we do at Aviana. We give data a voice so that businesses can make better decisions about today and tomorrow.

IBM Software Consulting & Support

IBM Cognos TM1, BI and SPSS customers often require some level of post-production support or assistance that exceeds the capabilities of the IBM Support program. Because each IBM software creates a unique solution for each user, Aviana provides in-depth IBM software consulting and support available on-site to fully grasp and utilize the program and data. Aviana custom designs packages to maximize the return on investment of your IBM Business Analytics software with an optimized environment, fast support and issue resolution, and continued education for your internal team. Learn More →

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financial performance

Aviana specializes in creating integrated financial performance management solutions ensure that your company’s finances are adding daily value. Aviana offers budgeting, forecasting, planning and financial consolidation. Learn more today about Aviana's custom financial performance solutions.
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Predictive Analytics

Making an informed decision about the future of your company? Rest assured that with the help of Aviana’s predictive analytics solutions, such as IBM SPSS software, it will better your company’s processes and will make planning for the future much easier.
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business intelligence

With certifications in the industry’s best performance analytics and business intelligence software, Aviana is dedicated to creating and implementing a successful business intelligence strategy, perfectly tailored to your specific business’ needs and industry.
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IBM licensing & support

Helping companies with software licensing, maintenance renewals, support, and trade-ups, Aviana Global helps you understand the licensing requirements associated with Cognos, Cognos Express, TM1, SPSS, Controller, Clarity FSR, Netezza and more.
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