• Apria Case Study

    Apria worked with partner Aviana to replace its spreadsheet-driven forecasting system with a centralized, best-practice approach—laying the foundation for a more efficient operating structure.

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  • Kawasaki Case Study

    By working with Aviana to enhance an existing IBM® Cognos® TM1® application and re-design its IBM Cognos Business Intelligence environment to meet current business needs, KMC has been able to simplify and accelerate reporting for more than 200 users.

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  • WD-40 Case Study

    WD-40 Company worked with Aviana to unite its P&L (profit and loss) data into a single, enterprise-wide analytics platform – helping finance teams pinpoint problems with individual customers, regions or SKUs.

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  • Patagonia Case Study

    Patagonia recognized the need to improve visibility of actual and planned global inventory levels across its wholesale, direct and retail sales channels. By working with Aviana to streamline its budgeting process by migrating to IBM Cognos TM1®, developed a new analytics application to monitor & forecast global inventory.

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  • Boeing Case Study

    Boeing and Aviana combined their specialties in designing a computer program specifically for predicting out-of-tolerance tools for the jetliner company. Using the predictive software program and its findings has led the Metrology team to help mechanics calibrate their tools more often than before.

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